So, it is very obvious to see that this is a brand new blog and so I thought it would be pretty useful for me to properly introduce myself and give some insight into my aims for this site.


The reason as to why I’ve decided to start a blog is due to a variety of reasons… yes get ready for me babbling on (make cup of tea now). Firstly, it has always been one of my aims in life to document what I get up to so I can look back in those ‘nostalgic days’ and be able to prove that I was ‘cool’ and that the ‘old days’ were really the best of times.

Secondly, I have just finished my first year of university and it has been an incredibly  daunting but equally amazing experience; therefore I believe if I can offer any advice or relate to anyone that has to be worth a shot surely?

Thirdly, because I have had some knocks over the years I have grown as a person and have decided to push myself to make myself grow and be happy; and if along the way I can help anyone else that has to be a bonus.

I guess you all need to know a little bit about me; therefore, I have decided I would share 9 facts about me…
My name is Chloe
I am at University studying Law
I love fashion and make up- although there are those days where you just cannot be bothered
I am extremely clumsy- like seriously- after one week of uni I am bruised to high heaven
I classify as an official lightweight (one drink and I am gone…the struggle is real)
I love travelling- who doesn’t?
My main fear is to not live life to the fullest
I am a very big worrier and always stress when there is no need to stress… It’s my worst habit.
I love to talk… A LOT!

So this is my first post done and dusted; I hope this helps you to understand and get to know me a little bit more than before.

Thank you for reading my blog and also welcome its lovely to have you here.

Much Love Chlo x



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